Our company

Azcaray, S.A. is a family business that was created in 1989 by brothers Lucinio and José Matías Azcaray, with the aim of bringing to the table products of the highest quality.

Since our inception we have strived to create a pioneer company in the development of bakery and pastry products, chilled and frozen. Can stand out among our specialties Cheesecake, the Santiago´s Cake and Tuna Galician Pie, who have reaped deserved fame.

In these years Azcaray has evolved and expanded its product range to suit the needs and demands of our customers. Therefore, we work in the most traditional way possible so that our products are always personal and unique touch that distinguishes us.

Today Azcaray is fully consolidated in the domestic market and has an extensive network of distributors that make you our wide range of products in most of the Peninsula.

Your confidence in our products deserve a prize:
“Quality, Reliability and Responsibility”.